was Duo Ma hired as the guardian, that guy is naturally suddenly joined the Xiao Yan some do not like, but in the hurry one by one Xiao Yan accidentally a palm to the H under the carriage, he d become a lot of honest, but also because of that palm, Duo Ma s passion for Xiao Yan, it is become more ardent, so that And later even directly to him into the carriage, a good move, after all, in this everywhere there is the risk of being robbed, the team has a strong sail, then, really can make people feel at ease a lot. At this time the more horse, from the arms of a roll of some yellow map, slowly spread out in front of the table, pointing to a red dot, smiling and said Here is our goal , Black City, according to our speed, should be able to arrive tomorrow Amazon it exam afternoon. Xiao Yan eyes tightly staring at the yellowed map, the line of sight in the b.lack city of the small point of stay for a while, and then is along a line, slowly along, and finally saw the center Of a blue color stars. This should be the Canaan College, right Eyes Amazon Certification glanced at the blue Amazon color stars, Xiao Yan face without the slightest change, asked casually. Well, that i

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AWS-SYSOPS AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

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